Momentum effect in developed and emerging stock markets

Zulfiqar Ali Imran, Woei-Chyuan Wong, Rusmawati Ismail

1-16 |

Issues of support and stimulation of exporting enterprises and ways of their elimination

Dedajanov Bahtiyor Nabijanovich

44-56 |

Improvement of the strategy of vertical integration in industrial enterprises

Qosimova Dilorom Sobirovna, Sobirov Abdurasul Abdugafarovich, Mullabayev Baxtiyarjon Bulturbayevich

63-68 |

Afghanistan’s energy potential and economic development

M. Walid Hemat

94-102 |

Health Care Financing and Sustainability in Health Care Delivery in the Sunyani Municipality, Ghana.

Oscar Agyemang Opoku, Richard Kwame Appiah Junior

103-123 |

Consumer perspectives on food safety in supply chain for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) product

Hana Catur Wahyuni, Ida Agustini Saidi, Wiwik Sumarmi