Abstract:  Study of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and independent study of UGC have identified that employability of higher education students is a big concern. As per this study only 20% to 30% students of higher professional studies are employable for prescribed jobs. It reflects that the system and student material are not compatible to achieve the desired outcome. Present practices are focused over improving the education system and quality for betterment of students’ employability. The higher professional education became very challenging now a day's therefore monitoring of students’ performance and increment in their employability became the winning card for any academic institution. Many practical studies are carried out to investigate factors affecting student performance and employability. This study tries to classify various students’ personality on the basis of their academic performance and discipline, amalgamated with Holland and Derrich theories of personalities. The focus of this research is to find out the extrinsic factor affecting the personalities of students and their impact in improving employability as a whole.

.Keywords: Personality, Performance, Discipline, Employability, Academic