Corporate Governance and Its Role in Achieving the Quality of Accounting Information in Iraq Stock Exchange


  • Dr. Shireen Aziz Shekhany Northern Technical University, Kirkuk Technical Institute, Accounting Technical Department, Iraq
  • Khalid Aziz Farhan College of Education for Human SciencesUniversity of Kirkuk, Iraq
  • Baraa Bazawiy Hussain Department of Accounting, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq University, Baghdad, Iraq


modern accounting systems, risk management, compliance


Corporate governance has received a great deal of attention from most regional and international institutions and organizations, due to the cases of financial and administrative failure that many developed and emerging economies experienced in the nineties of the twentieth century. This led to many financial crises that caused the collapse of a large number of major institutions in different countries of the world and their shareholders incurred heavy losses, the last of which was the American Silicon Valley Bank; This is due to many factors, the most important of which is a defect in the monitoring and follow-up mechanisms. And financial and administrative corruption, as well as the lack of credibility and transparency of the financial statements and their proper disclosure, whether at the level of companies or capital markets, which led to investors losing confidence in the published financial reports of those companies. In this context, the significance and function of corporate governance surfaced as a means to attain high standards of accounting and financial data, as well as to enhance the effectiveness of capital markets. Iraq is not isolated from what is happening in the world, in addition to the obstacles and constraints that it suffers from in particular and for various reasons that we will explain during the study. This means that traditional governance is no longer sufficient for Iraq market for securities, and it needs to apply governance with its modern concepts and new dimensions as an urgent necessity in order to build a regulatory framework that makes managing and monitoring companies at a level that protects the rights of all interested parties, in particular shareholders and enacts financial and accounting performance and practices, It enhances the credibility of financial and accounting information in the era of modern digital transformation, cloud computing, and permanent crises, by providing transparency in financial and accounting reports in accordance with modern accounting systems, risk management, and compliance.


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