Abstract:  Financial reporting and non financial reporting both have become order of the day. Financial reporting is compulsory for Public companies as per companies Act 2013. Non financial report i.e. sustainability reports can be published by using Global Reporting initiatives’ (GRI) guidelines, Carbon disclosure Projects or Dow Jones Sustainability Index, etc. Non financial reporting is yet voluntary.  In GRI based triple bottom line reporting there are three pillars i.e. profit - economic prosperity (report about financial aspect), people -social equity (report about social aspect) and planet - environmental stewardship (report about Pollution prevention and natural resource conservation). Now the question arises that companies are publishing financial report annually, then why financial report is published again in sustainability report prepared as per GRI guidelines.  In this paper, the authors have focused on special attributes, uniqueness of the financial information disclosed in non financial reports. To understand nature & need of financial disclosure in the Sustainability Reporting i.e. (non financial reporting) apart from Regular Conventional Financial Reports

Keywords: Financial Reporting, non financial reporting, GRI G4 guidelines, stakeholders’ inclusiveness.