Author Guidelines

American Journal of Social and Humanitarian Research (AJSHR) is a double-blind peer-reviewed, monthly e-journal from the USA, with a strong Editorial Board and a tested rapid peer review system. AJSHR aims to investigate multidimensional fields of research in the social and humanitarian areas.

Articles must be original (not plagiarism) and has never been published in another journal. If ever presented in the form of seminars, workshops, etc., say the name of the activity.
Articles are written by a Microsoft Word to the top, A4 size paper, page margins: top 3 cm, left 3 cm, bottom 3 cm, and right 3 cm, typed with 1,5 density spacing, font Times New Roman 12, text format in two-column.
Please submit your manuscript file as a Microsoft Word extension Document (DOC) or Rich Text Format (RTF).
Title written in Indonesian and/or English, abstract written in English, and content manuscript can be written in  English.
Online Submission: Make a New submission 
The article goes to the desk editors selected by the editor. Articles can be accepted without repair, refurbishment accepted, or rejected, and the article is rejected is not returned unless requested by the author.
The length of the manuscript of no more than 5000 words or 10-15 page. Articles are written by systematic and the following provisions.
Title: Written in a concise and informative, maximum 15 words (single-spaced) should reflect the substance of the variables described in the article body.
Name of Author, without titles, the author can be an individual or a team.
Affiliation, name of the institution
E-mail, which is located under the author's name.
Abstract (in English), the length of 130-200 word, abstracts written in one paragraph includes: scientific review article consists of a discussion of the core issues and substantially while the results of the research article consist of goals, methods, and results. The abstract is single-spaced
Keywords, terms that reflect the essence of the concept within the scope of the problem may consist of several pieces of terms.
The body of the manuscript:
Theoretical/Conceptual Article consists of an INTRODUCTION, LITERATURE REVIEW, DISCUSSION, and CONCLUSIONS.
The research-Based article consists of an INTRODUCTION, METHODS, RESULT, AND DISCUSSION, and CONCLUSIONS.
Reference/Bibliography: use APA (American Psychological Association) citation rules, cultivated from a primary source, and if it comes from the most current cultivated journals (3-5 years) and just acknowledgment of the source designated in the article body. Instead, the name that is referenced in the body must exist in the bibliography. Second row to the right of the entrance 7 letters. Here are some examples of writing a bibliography of several types of sources. Recommended using Citation Software Ex. MENDELEYZOTERO etc.