Abstract:  Banks are the foundation of any nation as they are inescapable for the monetary advancement of a nation. Investors are the absolute entirety of any business. Banks are delegates between the investors and borrowers. This connection separates when the borrower neglect to reimburse the vital and premium sum; subsequently the banking segment concentrate on the issue of Non-Performing Assets. So far as India is worried, before 2002 banks have no alternative other than implementing the security through a court/tribunal, to recoup its duty. On the suggestion of Narasimham Committee –II SARFAESI Act 2002 came as a sigh of relief for the banking sector. This demonstration enabled the banks and budgetary organizations for the procurement of the secured resources of the borrowers held with the bankers at the time of availing loans. This paper endeavors to concentrate the execution and effect of SARFAESI Act 2002 for the administration of NPA in Indian Banking. The articles and papers published in different business journals, magazines, newspapers, periodicals were studied and data available on NPAs recovery have been used for analysis. Statistical tools like percentages used for analysis. At first DRTs performed well, however their advance was endured when they get overburdened with the vast number of cases alluded to them.

Keywords: Economic Development, Inevitable, Narasimham Committee-II, SARFAESI ACT 2002, Secured Assets.