Abstract:  ISIS hegemony in Iraq and Syria have an impact globally, especially in the refugee’s crisis. Interesting issue that can be studied from this event is the acceptance or refusal response―as a socio-cultural reaction―by a resident in the refugee's destination country. Many received the refugees with open arms, but many more people feel "threatened" by the arrival of refugees. This contemporary issues relating to refugees, fostering an incidence of psychological-social-cultural in a terminology of 'alienation'. The means of public acceptance that received the "foreignness" brought by the influx of refugees, and how refugees adapt in order not to be alienated, will be discussed in 'creativity in art and design' theme. Author call it an aesthetic of crisis that build creativity. Alienation as the inner trigger can trigger people to build creativity, creating artwork which is out of habit, alienate himself, creating a characteristic that contain elements of novelty. This alienation, as a psychological condition, which is formed by the environmental situation, triggering from the outside (outer trigger). It can be disbursed to foster the spirit of creative work. At the circumstance where a visual signal structure in works of art and design communicate a language that is flexing rigidity, eliminating mutual mistrust. In this paper are shown some examples of UNHCR innovation project that provides the depth of topic for us to reflect on the work of the emergence of creativity fueled by alienation, which was created by the crisis.

Keywords: Alienation, Aesthetic Of Crisis, Creativity, UNHCR Innovation