Big data and content marketing on purchase decisions online in Indonesia


  • Sudarsono . UMI Makassar
  • Syahnur Said Makassar Indonesian Muslim University
  • Jeni Kamase Makassar Indonesian Muslim University
  • Hamzah Ella Makassar Indonesian Muslim University
  • Azis Rachman Bina Mandiri University Gorontalo
  • Titin Dunggio Bina Mandiri University Gorontalo



Big data, content marketing, and purchase decision


This study aimed to describe big data, content marketing and purchase decision, analyze the influence of big data and content marketing on purchase decision, and analyze the dominant variable between big data and content marketing on online purchase in Indonesia.

This research was conducted in Indonesia with 134 sample respondents. The method used in this research is descriptive method. This study used a accidental sampling using data collection tools through an online questionnaire.

The results of multiple regression analysis proved the variables of big data and content marketing, partially or simultaneously have an effect on purchase decision. The influence is a positive effect, if a technology online driven function as volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value, it will encourage consumers to purchase decision in Indonesia. Furthermore, if the content marketing gives a positive impression on a product that is offered online through cognition, sharing, persuasion, and decision making would increase consumers online purchase decision. From testing the hypothesis that the variables of content marketing, it turns out the dominant influence on purchase decision.


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