Augmented Reality in Business


  • Matthew N. O. Sadiku Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Prairie View A&M University Prairie View, TX USA
  • Uwakwe C. Chukwu Department of Engineering Technology South Carolina State University Orangeburg, SC, USA
  • Janet O. Sadiku Juliana King University Houston, TX, USA


augmented reality, business, applcations


Augmented reality is an enhanced, interactive version of a real-world environment achieved through holographic technology. It offers a better way to design, curate, and deliver consumable instructions by overlaying digital content in real-world environments. Augmented reality has been explored for many applications, from entertainment to medicine, education, and business. It is currently being used in various business applications. Businesses can use augmented reality to increase customer engagement, improve brand promotion and awareness, and facilitate the creation of product demos. This paper provides various applications of AR technology in business.


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