The Importance of the Digital Economy in the Economic Growth of Uzbekistan


  • Shadiеva Gulnоra Mardiеvna Samarkand Institutе оf Есоnоmiсs and Sеrviсе, Dосtоr оf Есоnоmiсs
  • Sherzodova Diyora Sherzod qizi Graduate student of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service


digital economy, economic growth, e-commerce, online markets, international trade, job creation, entrepreneurship, efficiency, productivity, automation, digitization, data analysis, artificial intelligence


In the article, the history of the origin of the digital economy, its necessity and the priorities of the digitalization policy carried out in our country are mentioned. In addition, the results achieved in the first years of the transition to the digital economy of Uzbekistan and the future strategic plans are described.


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