The Impact of Electronic Financial Services (EFS) in Private Iraqi Banks on Financial Performance


  • Karrar Mohammed AL-Shafeay University of Kufa, Faculty of Administration and Economics Najaf, Iraq


Electronic financial services, financial performance, Cash payment, electronic finance


Electronic financial services (EFS) continue to grow and replace traditional banking services through innovative technologies in order to meet expanding demands and stay up with advanced technological breakthroughs in the financial sector. These numerous items assist banks improve their financial performance and market competitiveness. It also helps to increase market share. To raise profits and strengthen its financial situation.

The main aim of this research is to study the impact of electronic financial services on the financial performance of private Iraqi banks. The research found that there is a positive association between online financial services, i.e., electronic payment services, and financial performance as measured by return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE).


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