The State, Insurgency Conflicts and Educational Underdevelopment in Nigeria: Mirrowing the Chibok and Dapchi School Girls Experiences


  • Dagogo Doctor Farah Department of Sociology, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumini, Port Harcourt



Nigerian State, Education, Kidnapping, Boko Haram Insurgency, girls


This study set out to examine the Nigerian state and education of the girl-child in Nigeria, a case study of the kidnapping of the Chibok and Dapchi school girls. This research is important because the education of the girl-child is very essential for national development. Regrettably, this has being hampered by the recurrent phenomenon of kidnapping in Northeastern Nigeria. The researcher adopted the Radical Feminism theory as the theoretical framework.This study used the historical approach that makes extensive use of the archive or secondary sources of data. This work found that Boko Haram insurgency has largely caused educational underdevelopment in Northeastern Nigeria; government response has been very poor; the cases of the kidnapping of the school girls have been highly politicised. To this effect, this study recommended government should reunite and reintegrate the girls with their families; government proactive measures to guard against a reoccurrence; government employing a comprehensive strategy that can addresses the economic and social cause of the insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria; punishing of Boko Haram insurgent sponsors; rebuilding of schools and making them learning-friendly for overall development of the northeast.


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