Impact of Motor Activities on Psychological and Mood State Level of Children in Primary Schools


  • Imad Karem Attab


Motor Activities, Psychological State, Children, Primary Schools


The psychological stability is of great importance in the life of the individual and peoples, many countries of the world have been interested in methods of building and developing the educational, physical and psychological aspects of the members of their people, and that modern psychological studies have increased the interest of specialists in practicing motor and sports activities to raise the level of psychological state and mood, and that many of the well-known mental diseases as well as life failures and lack of good results at work and study are due to many psychological factors and causes, hence the importance of research through attention to the aspect Psychology among primary school students when performing motor skills and their reflection on the level of academic achievement, The research problem was the change in the lifestyle of children from the natural active style to the style of inactivity and sufficiency of electronic activities that are sitting for long periods and improper physical positions, and the most important objectives of the research is to identify the relationship between the level of psychological state and the performance of motor skills and the extent of its association with the level of academic achievement of students in primary schools, and the researcher concluded that there is a significant correlation between the state of activity and the level of psychological stability of students, and that students who have an active lifestyle are more likely to achieve results Good.


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